The Dickies

Interviews | Oct 30th, 1999

Name five things that are older than your band.
Stan Lee (guitar): Dirt, fish, religion, pastrami sandwiches, and our moms!!!

What do you think about all these new-fangled changes?
SL: I like the remote so I can stay on the couch and change the stations.

Say something nice about your significant other.
SL: I can’t… oh ok… great legs. I can say nicer stuff about Fred and E.T., my Bengal cats. But that’s another story…

If you could travel through time, is there a gig you’d like to redo?
SL: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! That’s too taxing on my brain so I will just say no and save myself the headache…

No prob. What comprises your Ultimate Burrito?
SL: Anything other than just meat and cheese – like any vegetation – ruins the texture of the perfect burrito… By the by, that’s an excellent question…

The Dickies new album “All This And Puppet Stew” is available on Fat Wreck Chords