The Marauders

Interviews | Jul 13th, 2006

First off, introduce yourself and the Marauders to the rest of the world.
I’m Ben, I play guitar and handle lead vocals. Chris Lawson is on upright bass and handles back-up vocals. Abe Weber is the drummer and handles back-up vocals as well.

A rockabilly band is pretty rare in an area full of classic rock cover bands and polka groups. How did the band and the sound come together?
I grew up listening to and playing in punk rock bands and was always attracted to rockabilly/roots/early rock-n-roll music because in my opinion it has the same rebellious, aggressive energy as old school punk. Abe and myself had been drinking buddies for a long time and would get together and jam once in a while, and I asked him if he wanted to start a rockabilly band. I told him I knew a really good bass player (Chris) who had just bought an upright. We found ourselves in the studio a month later recording some tunes I had written. After that, we started booking shows.

How long have you been playing the guitar?
About 15 years.

What are some of your influences?
As far as my influences, 1970’s punk..particularly The Ramones and The Clash, Stray Cats/Brian Setzer, The Blasters, Bob Dylan, C.C.R., anything from the SUN Record label, old blues and some jazz….this list could go on forever!

What are some of your favorite current bands out there today?
Off the top of my head..The Riverboat Gamblers, Turbonegro, Jamie Cullum. I know that Abe is a HUGE Clutch fan.

You guys are amazing live. Does anyone in the band have any formal musical training or has taken lessons or are you guys self-taught?
Abe and Chris have had some formal music training. I learned from other people showing me a few things here and there.

As a band, where do the Marauders see themselves in five years?
On a stage.

What would you have to say would be your strongest or most personal song?
In my opinion it would have to be either “Tow the Line” or “Midnight Rhythm”.

“We Are The Marauders” was written by Brian Setzer exclusively for the Marauders. How in the world did that happen?
Brian was introduced to our music through a mutual friend of ours from the Philly area. I had the opportunity of meeting him a while back. We were just hanging out drinking a beer and he says “I’m gonna write you guys a song”. I almost fell over! This is an incredible thing for us…he’s pretty much our biggest influence and a musical genius. We truly appreciate the opportunity.

At Thunder In The Valley I noticed that you were wearing an old school Batman shirt. Are you a comic book fan?
Abe and Chris are HUGE comic book fans…..I like the artwork.

I know that Abe is a big Steelers fan. Does he have a Steelers prediction for next season? Will they repeat?
All of us love the STEELERS…..the greatest team in the land. THEY’LL GO ALL THE WAY.

Any final comments, words of wisdom or obvious plugs that you want to get out there?
Hope to see everyone out at a Marauders show. And thanks a lot for the interview. CHEERS!!

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