The Ovni Sound System

Interviews | May 3rd, 2010

The Ovni Sound System are a 4 piece ska, punk reggae band from Cocoa Beach, Florida. The band were desperate for an interview on but I would imagine they wouldn’t be desperate anymore after answering these questions. Ovni Sound System took 2 minutes out of their busy lives of playing retirement homes and thinking of Mel Gibson’s ass to answer our stupid questions. Here’s what they had to say:

Tell us a little about the The Ovni Sound System.
The Ovni Sound System is a 4 piece Ska, Reggae, Rock group based out of Cocoa Beach Florida. We do all of our own stunts.

I notice you guys play shows mostly in Florida. How well do the grandmothers skank down there?
What’s skanking?

What has been the worst thing that has happened to you during a gig?
Oh man…we were playing a 2 night stint in Tampa and after the first night our bass player got arrested and we got stuck in Tampa for a couple extra days haha.

Less Than Jake goes apeshit over Pez. What does The Ovni Sound System go ape shit for?
Hookers and plastic silverware.

If you could construct the perfect woman, but only by using parts of MALE celebrities, which parts would you use from whom?
Well our singer has a thing for Mel Gibson’s ass so his ass, John Goodman’s rack, John Travolta’s swagger, and fill in the rest with Johnny Depp.

How do you kill time when you can’t sleep?
It’s cliche but just party.

What’s punker: The Green Day broadway musical or an old basket of yarn?
What color is the yarn?

If there’s a so-called 4th wave of ska happening right now, what will a 5th wave sound like?
Different than the 3rd wave.

Got anything to promote? What are your websites, twitter, etc.?,, @ovnisoundsystem.

How do you think LOST will end?
We don’t care as long as it ends.


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