Radiation Kings

Interviews | By on Nov 30th, 1997

So are you even still a band?
Lisa: Are we still a band? In theory, I guess.
Brandon: We just can’t get any gigs lately. And when I asked King Django to put us on bills, he started screaming at me, “Haven’t I done enough for you guys?” And I got in trouble. He was in a bad mood that day.

Since you’re a chick singer, did you get banged in the van a lot by the other members?
Lisa: No, I was not allowed to fuck within the band.

But since you’re a chick singer, surely you got laid a lot?
Lisa: No, I never got laid. Ever. Ever. Unfortunately. It’s not my choice. Boys just don’t like me.

Is it because you’re ugly?
Lisa: I think it’s because I didn’t show enough cleavage.

So anyway, if you did record and release a new album… would anyone care?
Lisa: Uh, yeah. Definitely. My mom would.
Brandon: Approximately the same amount of people that care about the next issue of READ Magazine.