Listen to some Heavensbee tracks from their debut album “Soul Mates”

Media | Oct 29th, 2015

Image provided by band

We reviewed Heavensbee debut album “Soul Mates” last month and it’s available now! The Dub pop trio consists of members of the NYC ska scene (Bigger Thomas, Across the Aisle, Rude Boy George): Roger Apollon, Jr., Marc Wasserman, and Meg Howe. Listen to some tracks below and pick up their album!

As the brilliant and cheeky cover artwork might suggest, Heavensbee’s Soul Mates is largely concerned with the enormous challenges of successfully navigating romantic relationships –with the ultimate goal of finding, and holding onto, one’s perfect mate. Having said that, it’s not an album full of happy love songs, but it certainly contains some very beautiful original music about the darker side of looking for love. While the dub-pop sound is grounded in ska and reggae, they mix in bits of indie rock (think The xx) and 80’s new wave, and everything is coated in an appealing pop sheen.

Of note, the standout tracks “Life Boat,” “Bombs Away,” and “Time Is An Illusion” contain compelling lyrical exchanges between Howe and Apollon–illustrating the push and pull/point-of-view of two people engaged, locked, or trapped in a relationship (oftentimes going south). Heavensbee’s debut album, Soul Mates, out now on Trilby Records and is available on Amazon, CD Baby and Bandcamp or you can stream their new release on Heavensbee’s website.


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