Music Video: Story of the Year – “Terrified”

Media | Jul 1st, 2009

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In celebration of Independence Day, St. Louis rock group Story of the Year pays tribute to the men and women in the armed forces with a heartfelt music video for their new single, “Terrified.”

Story of the Year’s most earnest ballad to date, “Terrified,” explores the whirlwind emotions that families all across the country feel each day as they hope for the safe return of their loved ones who are serving the country abroad.

“The video for “Terrified” is pretty much a direct interpretation of the lyrics,” explains singer Dan Marsala. “A story of a husband who is off at war, scared of the fact that he might not ever make it home to his wife and family, and a pregnant wife who is left at home, not knowing if she will ever see her husband alive again. It is an extremely touching subject because there are hundreds of thousands of families in America going through this exact scenario as we speak. It has to be one of the most terrifying situations that any family could ever experience. I think the video is a great representation of the story told in the lyrics and it is our tribute to all the families who suffer through this situation every day.”

“What excites me the most about this video,” adds guitarist Ryan Phillips, “is that it takes an enormous issue our generation is facing, the war in Iraq, and instead of getting political we honed in on the human aspect of the situation.”

Story of the Year will return to the studio this summer to record their fourth studio album due out in 2010.


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