Music Video: The Bronx – “Youth Wasted”

Media | Feb 25th, 2013

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Well this video is for the female fanbase I guess? The Bronx have debuted their Magic Mike-ish music video at…! Hmm allrighty. The video is for “Youth Wasted,” which is from the band’s recently released album The Bronx (IV). If you want to see a bunch of dudes stripping in a video and doing manly things like pushups, check out their music video below or at Playgirl.

Not for the faint of heart or possibly even the workplace, The Bronx celebrate the pleasures of the flesh in the sexy new video with professional ass shakers Steve, Jim and Mike stripteasing their way into the hearts, minds and pants of viewers while the band performs one of the year’s hardest rocking tunes.

“As an avid reader of one of the greatest periodicals of our lifetime (strictly for the articles of course) we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Please follow this link to preview our new music video for “Youth Wasted.” We had a lot of fun with Steve (aka The Hammer), Jim (aka Double Gunz) and Mike (aka The Meat Wagon) and shared tips on which brand of cocoa butter shimmers the best, and smells the least – as well as what is referred to as “packing heat” (to stuff…or not to stuff…) and have enjoyed having them opening a few shows for us. Thanks again to Playgirl for impeccable taste and being a leader in the visual / sonic advancement of mankind.” – Keep it wet – The Guvn’r

The video for “Youth Wasted” was directed by Sam Macon (Dum Dum Girls, Crocodiles), accompanied by Travis Auclair (cinematographer), Mallory Ryan (editor) and Evan Ross Murphy (production designer).


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