Music Video: The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry – “Soulman”

Media | May 9th, 2013

The Orb & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry are set to release ‘More Tales From The Orbservatory’ on June 11th via The End Records. They released a music video for the track “Soulman,” and its quite trippy (which isn’t surprising).

The Orb are back with dub step veteran Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry to present, ‘More Tales From The Orbservatory’, a collection of instrumental and new tracks the legendary collaboration recorded in Berlin last year. Known for spawning the genre of ambient house, The Orb, and dub step mastermind Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry hone a perfect balance of sweet vocals and powerful drive that comes alive and brings us back to the rare magic captured by The Orbserver.

‘More Tales From The Orbservatory’ Tracklisting
01. Fussball
02. Africa
03. Tight Interlude
04. Making Love In Dub
05. No Ice Age
06. Don’t Rush I
07. Fussball (Instrumental)
08. Africa (Instrumental)
09. Making Love In Dub (Instrumental)
10. No Ice Age (Instrumental)
11. Don’t Rush I (Instrumental)

Also annouced, the collaboration will release a ‘Ball Of Fire’ EP which features a killer selection of dubwise remixes from like minded explorers Dabrye, Deadbeat and Mad Professor. ‘Orbserving The Star House In Dub’ is a 2 Disc mix of instrumental and remixed versions of the iconic tracks from ‘The Orbserver In The Star House’

‘Ball Of Fire’ Tracklisting
01. Ball Of FIre
02. Ball Of Fire (Deadbeat NYAH Version)
03. Ball Of Fire (Deadbeat NYAH Dub)
04. Ball Of Fire (DABRYE Remix)
05. Ball Of Fire (Mad Professior “I Need Balls” Version
06. Ball Of Fire (Mad Professor Dub Mix)

‘Orbserving The Star House In Dub’ Tracklisting
Disc 1 (Instrumentals)
01. Ball Of Fire (Instrumental)
02. H. O. O. (Instrumental)
03. Man In The Moon (Instrumental)
04. Soulman (Instrumental)
05. Golden Clouds (Instrumental)
06. Hold Me Upsetter (Instrumental)
07. Go Down Evil (Instrumental)
08. Thirsty (Instrumental)
09. Police & Thieves (Instrumental)
10. Ashes (Instrumental)
11. Congo (Instrumental)
Disc 2 (Remixes)
01. Golden Clouds (Youth Gigantic Dreadnaught Dub Mix)
02. Golden Clouds (OICHO remix)
03. Golden Clouds (Blue Space White Cloud 81Neutronz Rmx)
04. Golden Clouds (Youth Nous Sommes Tous En Situation Irreguliere Ambient Mix)
05. Soulman (Villod RMX)
06. Soulman (Reshaped By Pole)
07. Soulman (Gaudi RMX)
08. Ball Of Fire (Deadbeat NYAH Version)
09. Ball Of Fire (Deadbeat NYAH Dub)
10. Ball Of Fire (DABRYE Remix)
11. Ball Of Fire (Mad Professor ‘I Need Balls’ Version)
12. Ball Of Fire (Mad Professor Dub Mix)


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