Pleased To Hear You – 3/29/13

Media | Mar 29th, 2013

Hey Everyone! I’m back again this week with another batch of new music for you. I found some fantastic new things this week that you are sure to enjoy. Remember, if you are in a band and think you may have something we may enjoy, feel free to pass it along. Hit me up on Twitter at @stevenrbauer or email me here.

Band: Louder Than Bombs
Location: Detroit, MI
The second I hit play, Louder Than Bombs instantly became one of my new favorite bands of 2013. What a truly remarkable band. Their sound reminds me of late 90s emo-pop with some Bob Mould/Sugar-era influence. The band plays super tight and impactful. I love it when a band hits certain notes and you just go nuts. My friend Tom at Washed Up Emo calls this the ‘Money Note.’ This band has a true knack for hitting all of those right notes. The group also has a true gift for melody. I was singing along instantly. Louder Than Bombs is gearing up to release What Resonates on 4/23/13 via South Division Records. I will be first in line.

Band: Belgrade
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Belgrade are a band that culls from a number of different influences to give us a sound all their own. There are elements of post-punk, shoegaze, 90s rock, indie rock, and so much else in between. The music is very atmospheric unto itself. However, it breaks away from certain tropes of the genres I just listed. The vocals, for instance, do not blend into background as is the case with a lot of shoegaze. They are right at the forefront and give the sound extra dimensions. The band is prepping their debut Self-Titled LP, set for release in April.

Band: Texas Instruments
Location: Independence, KS
Texas Instruments recently joined the family over at Count Your Lucky Stars. The band brings a very unique blend of emotional hardcore to your ears. To merely call them emotional hardcore would be too easy and not give the band full credit for the amazing music they are writing. The interplay between the members is truly astounding with touches of jazz and college rock thrown in to truly separate them from the pack. I am very excited to see what these guys do on their debut LP titled Neither Here Nor Thayer due out this spring.


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