Pleased To Hear You – New Music for 3/1/2013

Media | Mar 1st, 2013

Think of it as an introduction. An eHarmony for listeners and musicians. Bryan has been totally awesome and allowed me to write a weekly column highlighting some new bands. Each week, I will comb through what I’ve listened to and present you with some of my favorite sounds of the week. Enjoy!

Band: Best Practices
Song Of The Week: GameChanger
Location: Providence, RI
Latest Release: Sore Subject (available on BandCamp)
RIYL: Joyce Manor, Yuck, Dillinger Four
My Take: This band hit me in the face in the best way possible. The music is loud, aggressive, and abrasive but maintains these over-arching warmer tones. The vocals are very passionate and visceral. However, the sense of melody is not lost. These are tunes you can still sing along with.

Band: Creative Adult
Song Of The Week: Forbidden Fruit
Location: San Francisco, CA
Latest Release: Dead Air 7” (new EP, Bulls In The Yard, coming out in April on Run For Cover Records)
RIYL: Bronx, Joy Division, Murder City Devils
My Take: Sometimes music should make you feel dirty. Without being graphic, let’s just say this does the trick. Absolutely raw sounds. While there are overtones of a garage band sensibility there is a strong layer underneath of a mix of hardcore and post-punk.

Band: All The Fuss (formerly Cosh And The Wind)
Song Of The Week: Break Into The Sky
Location: Santa Ana, CA
RIYL: Jimmy Eat World, Copeland, Punchline
My Take: Really heartfelt singer-songwriter with a brilliant pop sensibility. This is the type of song that you will keep hitting replay on over and over. Hoping to see very big things from this young upstart.

If you are in a band and think you may have something we may enjoy, feel free to pass it along. Hit me up on Twitter at @stevenrbauer


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