Video: Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Trailer

Media | Jul 12th, 2012

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Jerry Seinfeld has a new webisode series coming out called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It premieres July 19th at 9pm, and when you think about it…it’s genius. Have two funny people talking over coffee and talking in cars. That’s the premise. A show about nothing indeed!

Many stars are going the webisode route like Tim Daly’s hilarious The Daly Show and Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy. Now Seinfeld is entering the field with this and I’ll definitely be checking it out, especially when it has guests like Larry David, Ricky Gervais, Alec Baldwin, Brian Regan and others.

It’s funny, but I kind of had a similar idea in my head but then again, I’m not famous or have the power to pull in guests like this. I guess it just shows you I have the ability to come up with something others are doing. I just need to act on it, but enough about me. Check out the trailer for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee:

Watch the series next week at


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