Video: My Favorite Harlem Shake Videos

Media | By on Feb 13th, 2013

Harlem Shake videos

I have no idea where this came from (here?) but these videos are pretty damn funny to me. Stupid funny and I kind of want to make one but I doubt my work would go along with it. Of course, with anything that’s run into the ground this much, it will get old pretty fast. But enjoy my favorite list of “Harlem Shake” videos while you’re not sick of it. If I had to pick, the Break edition is the funniest just because a guy has a walker!

Break Edition

College Humor Edition

Atlantic Records Edition

SourceFed Edition

TSN SportsCentre Edition

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon version

Playboy Playmate Edition

Office Edition

Father and Son Edition

Original Army Edition

Matt and Kim Edition

Firefighter Edition

Lego Edition

Bikini Edition

you sick of them yet?


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