Video: Pilfers at Coney Island High (December 5th 1998 – Full Set)

Media | Mar 11th, 2014

Pilfers at Coney Island High in NYC on December 5th 1998

On December 5th, 1998, my brother and I filmed Pilfers’ sold out show at Coney Island High. Mainly for our enjoyment but we eventually spread the tape around and only 2 clips ended up on YouTube from that. I decided to get a VHS converter and just digitize the entire set for all to enjoy!

This show was interesting in that the police shut it down at the end of the set because CIH was beyond packed, Vinny Nobile yelled at a guy for bumping him on stage, Travis of Inspecter 7 jumping on stage during “What’s New” when it was only girls dancing and putting something in his shirt to give himself boobs. There’s lots more to see during this fun Pilfers set back in their heyday. Check it below!

If we can find them, we also have footage from The Skoidats, Enda’s Goldfish, Toasters, Slow Gherkin and maybe one other?


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