Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 3 sneak peek

Comic Book News | Feb 23rd, 2007

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Black Knight, Astonishing Cyclops and more revealed at NYCC

Hasbro made a surprise appearance at Marvel Comics’ booth this weekend, displaying some of their next series of 6-inch Marvel Legends! On display were Cyclops in his Astonishing X-Men togs, the Avenger Black Knight in his more modern armor, the modern Marvel Girl from Chris Bachalo’s X-Men, Danger (a.k.a. the Danger Room, as introduced in AXM) and a Build-a-Figure of the Brood Queen!

Additional figures in the wave (according to retailer leaks) that were not on display include X-Men: The Last Stand Colossus, World War II-era Captain America, WWII-era Bucky and a Hydra Soldier. While a less-poseable version of the Hydra soldier was originally planned as a pack-in figure for Toy Biz’s Marvel Legends Series 13, the new figure is expected to be a new sculpt, with added articulation.

Also on display were the next wave of 12-inch Marvel Legends Icons (Dr. Doom and the Punisher) as well as Fantastic Four and Spider-Man movie toys, which will stand 5 inches tall as part of Hasbro’s new movie scale.

Bigger pics at this link: