Dr. Who coming to a video game system near you

Game News | Mar 5th, 2008

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Eidos confirmed today that development has already started on PS2, DS and PC versions of the BBC science fiction show Doctor Who.

Eidos confirmed today that the previously rumored Doctor Who game, based on the long-running BBC science fiction TV show, is already under development for PC, PS2 and the Nintendo DS, and will be available soon.

“That is correct,” said an Eidos rep in an interview with videogaming247. “We haven’t announced a release date at the moment. It’s not too far away. We should be showing it to the press quite soon.”

Doctor Who joins Ecko Entertainment’s rendition of Dexter, Showtime’s original series about a serial killer bloodsplatter specialist, as the second TV licensed game to get the video game treatment in as many days.

Next up? Golden Girls. Don’t worry, the GamePro kids, really.