Pond Hockey article: Elegy for a Vanishing Pastime

Junk News | By on Feb 16th, 2008

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I have been saying this for a few years now. Where has all the ice gone? No one plays pond hockey anymore and I used to play from November all the way to April sometimes! No Global warming my ass! – Bryan

NY Times: IN the New England of my youth, back when we still had winter, ice the kind you skate on was as reliable as the calendar. It usually turned up overnight, smooth and glistening, the week after Thanksgiving, and it lasted, with perhaps a minor thaw or two, until Washington’s Birthday at least. What you did every day back then was skate which is to say, play hockey. After school, your mom dropped you off at the pond, the lake, the frozen river, the flooded playground, and she picked you up when it was dark. On Saturdays she made you a baloney sandwich to take along, but by the time you remembered to eat it, it was frozen hard as a puck.

Almost no one skates outdoors in New England anymore. People seldom do it even in Canada or Minnesota. For hockey players the indoor area has long replaced the backyard rink or the frozen prairie slough as the incubator of future talent, and even in those northerly climes skatable outdoor ice has become an uncertain commodity. Around here it’s like oil, so scarce that its value goes up every year.

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