– Believe it or not! Greatest American Hero: Season 1 coming Feb 15th

Movie News | Jan 25th, 2005

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TROY, MI — Famous for one of the greatest, most uplifting and unmistakably recognizable theme songs of the 1980’s, THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO is finally coming to DVD on February 15, 2005 courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment and Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Inc. THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO features a unique blend of comedy, action and science fiction. The show was a ratings hit, with a worldwide following. About a mild-mannered high school teacher who is enlisted for the job of Super Hero overnight, THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO Season One three-disc DVD set includes the entire first season, the original two-hour pilot, The Greatest American Heroine spin-off pilot and boasts brand-new interviews with the cast and crew. Starring William Katt (“Carrie”), Robert Culp (“I Spy”), Connie Sellecca (“Hotel”), Michael Pare (“Eddie and the Cruisers”) and Eve Grant (“V: The Final Battle”), THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO originally aired on the ABC Network from 1981-1983. The series, and writer Stephen J. Cannell received an Emmy nomination in 1981 for “Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series,” Stephen J. Cannell, for the pilot episode. The DVD features brand new interviews with Katt, Sellecca, Culp, co-star Pare and Creator Stephen J. Cannell (“21 Jump Street”). The set also includes an eight-page ‘instruction manual’ featuring liner notes and photos. THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO DVD set will be available for the suggested retail price of $29.98.

On a fieldtrip to the desert, Los Angeles high-school teacher Ralph Hinkley (Katt) has a strange encounter with a UFO, piloted by mysterious aliens. The creatures from outer space give Ralph a special red suit — a suit with magical powers that will only work for him. The suit is accompanied by an instruction booklet and he is told that his mission is to save the world. Hesitant at first, Ralph decides to give crime fighting a shot, teaming up with his girlfriend Pam (Sellecca) and an FBI Agent named Bill (Culp). However, there’s one small problem- Ralph loses the instruction booklet. But, like a true hero, Ralph takes on his new destiny, clumsily learning the suit’s special powers along the way.

rmation on Stephen J. Cannell, visit www.cannell.com.

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