Ben Affleck set to piss off fanboys with playing Batman in Man of Steel sequel

Movie News | Aug 22nd, 2013

Ben Affleck is Batman

That collective groan you hear is millions of comic book nerds hearing this news. Ben Affleck has been picked to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, the Batman vs Superman movie that Zack Synder and Henry Cavill are doing. Doesn’t Warner Brothers remember what Ben Affleck did for Daredevil? Granted, I loved Argo, I really don’t know what to think about this casting news. I’d rather have him directing this movie than starring in it. But whatever, I’m at least open-minded to the news. We shall see on July 17, 2015, when the movie is projected to open. This might be just as bad as Justin Bieber being cast in the next Star Wars haha.

Ben Affleck will join Henry Cavill in Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel sequel, the studio announced on Thursday.

The project was announced at Comic-Con earlier this year, prompting much speculation surrounding who would play the caped crusader. Zack Snyder is back in the director’s chair for the project, which places Batman and Superman together on the big screen for the first time.
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