Florent Siri to Direct Die Hard 4.0?

Movie News | Apr 14th, 2005

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Comingsoon.net: In an interview at AlloCin.com, Hostage director Florent Siri says that he has been asked by that film’s star Bruce Willis to direct Die Hard 4.0. Hostage screenwriter Doug Richardson is rewriting a script by Mark Bomback, who redrafted a pre-existing Fox script called “WorldWar3.com.”

In the article, Siri says that he hasn’t read the fourth installment’s script yet and is waiting to read it before giving his response. He also adds that he doesn’t only want to make action movies, so it will be interesting to see whether or not he takes on another actioner so soon.

Willis previously said that “the script will be done by summer and they want to shoot it in the fall. McClane’s retired, he’s not a cop anymore. It’s completely different from the other three films. The only one of the other three films that I thought had any merit to it was the first one. Actually, in the third one I think Sam Jackson’s work was really strong.”

Asked what the significance was of the ‘point-oh’ in the title. “Well, it has something to do with computers,” Willis answered.