Grimes and Durand join cast of Robin Hood

Movie News | Mar 10th, 2009

Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea confirmed that he was joining the Robin Hood cast as Allan a Dayle. Now two more actors have joined Robin Hood’s merry men. Scott Grimes and Kevin Durand, both who have worked with Russell Crowe in Mystery Alaska have been cast as Will Scarlet and Little John.

The film is being directed by Ridley Scott, and it’s being considered a re-telling of the Robin Hood legend. Brian Helgeland wrote the script for the untitled movie. No word yet on who else has been cast in the movie yet. Who will play Friar Tuck or Much? And more importantly, who’s playing the Sheriff of Nottingham? It will be hard to top Alan Rickman’s Sheriff in Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood movie.

Grimes has been cast in the role of Will Scarlet, a skilled swordsman and Hood’s nephew. The actor, repped by Domain and Levine Okwu Talent, appears on NBC’s “ER” and does voice work for Fox’s “American Dad.”

Durand is playing Little John, Hood’s right-hand man. He is best known in the legends for fighting a duel with Hood using quarterstaves while trying to cross a river. Durand, who appears as the Blob in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” is best known for his work on ABC’s “Lost,” where he played a mercenary named Martin Keamy. Durand is repped by Abrams Artist Agency and Alchemy Entertainment.


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