Jackie Earle Hale is Freddie Krueger

Movie News | Apr 6th, 2009

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Jackie Earle Hale (Bad News Bears, Watchmen) has been picked to star as the legendary villain in New Line’s re-do, re-imagined, remake, etc. of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street.’ Well I couldn’t think of a more creepier looking actor to play Freddie. Maybe they don’t need to use much makeup?

The story was reported on Hollywood Reporter:

The actor will star as the iconic screen villain in New Line’s redo of “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” taking over the role that was played by Robert Englund.

The original “Nightmare,” released in 1984, helped establish New Line and spawned a slew of movies. Krueger is a serial child killer murdered by angry parents who returns to terrorize teens in their dreams.

Krueger’s burned face, his razor glove and his red-and-green sweater became instantly recognizable images as well as popular Halloween costumes.

Samuel Bayer is directing the relaunch, which was written by Wesley Strick. The pic starts lensing May 5 in Chicago.

Even with this casting, I’m still too much of a pussy to see this or the old films. Seeing half hour of the first movie scarred me for life towards horror flicks. I’m sure the horror film purists will hate that these movies are even being re-done to begin with, but at least this franchise got a great lead actor.


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