Let’s Rock Again: Joe Strummer Doc out in 6/27

Movie News | Apr 17th, 2006

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(MSO) LET’S ROCK AGAIN!, an intimate and fascinating portrait of JOE STRUMMER–the undisputed pioneer of punk and legendary frontman for The Clash–will be released June 27 on DVD via Image Entertainment, Inc.

Directed by filmmaker and long-time Strummer friend Dick Rude, LET’S ROCK AGAIN! provides an insider’s view including touching personal interviews, revealing backstage footage shot in the 18 months leading up to Strummer’s death in 2002. The film begins with a montage of Strummer’s illustrious start as frontman for the iconic punk band The Clash and moves into his life years later as the documentary hits the road with Strummer’s new band The Mescaleros.

Dispelling the punk persona, LET’S ROCK AGAIN! reveals the die-hard performer who gives it all onstage with vibrant and passionate performances as well as showcasing Strummer’s candidly sharp wit and his innate storytelling charm. Rude opens the door to a previously private view of a legendary man.

“LET’S ROCK AGAIN!” is a story about love, following your passion and never giving up. It is a film made to turn people on and inspire them to seek out the good things in life worth living for.” Dick Rude explains, “It has been my humble blessing to share Joe Strummer’s final message and music with the world and I hope it stirs your soul the way it has done mine.”

Check out the critical reaction for LET’S ROCK AGAIN!:

“Much in the way that last year’s posthumous Streetcore record gave fans one last listen to Strummer, Rude’s film has taken on an added emotional resonance as some of the last documentation of a punk legend.”

–Andrew Dansby, Rolling Stone (4/5/04)

“a must-add to the DVD shelves of any serious contemporary music fan.”

–Eddie Cockrell, Daily Variety (7/12/04)

“It’s a must-see and must-listen for Strummer and Clash fans; but it’s also for everyone else.”

–Desson Thompson, Washington Post (6/11/04)