Mickey Rourke signs on for “Passion Plays” and “Iron Man 2”

Movie News | Mar 12th, 2009

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Mickey Rourke is going to be a busy man. After being nominated for the Wrestler in just about every Award show this season, his latest signing is for a movie called “Passion Plays.”  He is also close to signing a deal with Marvel Studios to play the Russian Villain in Iron Man 2! That movie is looking cooler by the day!

Mitch Glazer will write and direct “Passion Plays” movie, and they are currently looking for a female actress to star with Rourke. I have no idea what the movie is about but if Mickey Rourke is in it, it’s got to be interesting! Rourke will play the main bad guy in Iron Man 2, which is rumored to be Whiplash. I guess Marvel Studios felt it was worth paying Rourke the high salary. It was reported on that they were passing on him because of his high salary. He is Hollywood’s comeback kid after all! He will join Robert Downey Jr, Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson, and maybe Scarlett Johansson on Iron Man 2. Looking like quite the cast!


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