Rob Marshall may direct Pirates 4?

Movie News | Aug 3rd, 2009

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Rob Marshall, director of the Oscar winning film Chicago is in talks to direct the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie starring Johnny Depp. It hasn’t been confirmed yet but I welcome a new change to the franchise. I still loved the trilogy, but perhaps it’s time to offer something new and getting a new director might help things. Or maybe not, who knows? All I know is that this better not be a musical Pirates movie!

Disney is floating Rob Marshall to take the helm of its fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film, a move that would put the film on track for a 2010 start with Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow.

While Marshall’s involvement wasn’t confirmed over the weekend, things look good enough that the studio is said to have begun casting new characters that will appear in the picture.

Gore Verbinski, who helmed the first three films in the series, had stepped away from the fourth installment to focus on a movie version of the vidgame “BioShock” for Universal (Daily Variety, April 7, 2009). Though that film’s momentum has stalled, Verbinski has moved on to other directing and producing projects.


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