Rodriguez on the Sin City DVD

Movie News | Apr 3rd, 2005

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April 01, 2005 – Director Robert Rodriguez has long been an innovator in the film industry. He’s a master of shooting professional quality films at rock bottom prices ever since his $7,000 El Mariachi lit the industry aflame in the early 1990s.

Most directors have budget problems and difficultly staying within the allotted amount they are given, but Rodriguez often turns his films in for less than the amount the studio gave him, with execs having to encourage him to go back and spend more of their money.

On the DVD front, Rodriguez has been an innovator as well. A big movie fan and DVD fan himself, he’s always done his best to pack in as many features as possible so that fans get their money’s worth when they pick up one of his discs. Each one of his DVDs thus far has included a ten minute film school, in which Rodriguez reveals some secrets from the making of his films and gives tips to prospective film auteurs of the future.

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