A-F Records releasing Chris Stowe solo album

Music News | Apr 3rd, 2014

Chris Stowe

A-F Records will be releasing Chris Stowe‘s solo album Hollow this Summer. Not really shocking since Chris works as a label manager at A-F Records and played in White Wives with Chris #2 of Anti-Flag. Hollow LP is available for Pre-Order now. All pre-orders of the LP or LP + T-shirt bundle will receive an instant digital download of the first single “I Only Miss Her When I’m Drinking.”

You can view an acoustic video performance for “I Only Miss Her When I’m Drinking” below:

Chris Stowe is an artist from Western Pennsylvania. He toured independently in the US and Europe for years under the moniker Anniversary Club before joining the indie rock band White Wives in the summer of 2011. After a year of heavy touring with White Wives, Chris returned to his hometown of Warren, PA to write and record Hollow, which would be his first solo release under his own name. Hollow draws on honest and personal lyrics as well as delicately crafted folk arrangements to tell a very personal true story of loss, life on tour, and a persistent struggle against depression, pain, and the fear of failing.

Track Listing

1. Blood Drinkers
2. Rain
3. Angeline
4. Sometimes They Give Us Beer For Free
5. Oh, Lonesome
6. Longer Than It Should Have
7. Hey Willow
8. Untitled
9. I Only Miss Her When I’m Drinking

So be sure to check out Chris’ solo album and pre-order it here.


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