Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea releasing solo album Boy on Bridge on May 15th

Music News | By on Mar 20th, 2012

Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea recently released an album with Russell Crowe called “The Crowe / Doyle Songbook Vol. III” and now Alan has his own solo album coming out May 15th. The album “Boy on Bridge” will be released on Universal Records in Canada and Redeye in the The States. The album will be available on iTunes (a given). The first single “I’ve Seen A Little” has hit YouTube ans it sounds great! Rockin’ twangy number that will make you want to dance. You can listen to that down below:

Alan had this to say about the single on his newly launched website

Exciting times. Boy on Bridge is to be released on May 15th on Universal Records in Canada, at Redeye in the US, and on iTunes everywhere. The first single, “I’ve seen a Little”, is going to radio this Friday the 23rd and will be available for purchase on iTunes on Monday, March 26th. I’ll be shooting a video for the single in the coming weeks and in both cases, I’ll be asking/begging/pleading for you to get it, request it, share it etc. You know the whole deal.

I really hope the Single does well. I wrote it at a shack in Nashville with my friends Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges. Here’s me and Gordie at the shack learning to play it. Cool.
[Alan Doyle]

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album!


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