Asian Man Records starts Kickstarter project for photographer friend Hiro Tanaka

Music News | Sep 27th, 2012

We all know Mike Park is a nice guy but this is just another example of it. He’s starting a Kickstarter project to help fund his friend Hiro Tanaka’s photobook of his life on the road. He’s hoping to raise $5,000 in total and he’ll add another $5,000. Hey Mike, I’d love to start a photo book to, can you make that happen next? But anyway, make sure you donate and help out Mike and Hiro make this book happen.

Asian Man is hosting its very first kickstarter to help my bestest buddy/amigo in the whole world HIRO TANAKA release his debut photo book.

If you’ve met Hiro Tanaka, then you’re already a fan. He’s a ball of energy that exudes positivity 100% of the time. A constant that makes me smile always. I first met Hiro in 2001 on the Plea For Peace Tour when he was hanging out with the SELBY TIGERS. We became instant friends and I love him so very much.

Hiro is famous for many things including being able to eat more than a person twice his size. Weighing in at about 120 pounds, he has outdueled my 230 pound frame on many occasions, but he is most famous for being the picture guy. Taking nearly 2,000 photos a day, and often seen in the pit at a hardcore show with camera in hand, taking photos whilst being tossed around like a rag doll

His photos are beautiful, thoughtful, and need to be shared with the world, but I am not a book publisher. In fact, I have no idea what I’m doing, so that’s why this Kickstarter is being presented. The cost to produce 1,000 photo books measuring 10.5” x 8”, including 104 pages of full color photos is extremely expensive. At nearly $10,000, It’s too much of a financial burden for me to take in all by my lonesome. So I’m hoping we can raise half of the funds and I will cover the rest. But of course, the best case scenario is that we are able to cover all the costs. After researching a bunch of Kickstarter projects, the rewards are silly expensive, so I’ve set up prices that I would normally charge if we were just selling things separately. Please share with anyone you know that loves Hiro as much as I do.

Speaking of Asian Man Records, they are also going to re-release Voodoo Glow Skulls excellent debut album Who Is This Is? Pretty cool! My favorite album from VGS!


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