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Music News | Jun 19th, 2007

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The renowned musician is experiencing a career renaissance with “Memory Almost Full” earning critical praise and strong support from radio with the first U.S. single, “Ever Present Past.” The video single, “Dance Tonight” has been added in medium rotation at VH1 and part two of McCartney’s exclusive interview with ABC’s Good Morning America airs Thursday, June 14.

On June 5, Starbucks launched the album by hosting a Global Listening Event in which more than 10,000 locations in 29 countries played the record all day long. The unprecedented event introduced an estimated six million customers to the new album and resulted in Starbucks most successful single day of album sales of any title in the Company’s history. More than 23,000 copies of “Memory Almost Full” were sold at Starbucks on the album’s first day of release.

On June 18, Hear Music will release a one-a-kind video tribute filmed at the Global Listening Event in honor of McCartney’s 65th Birthday and distributed via a host of viral video portals. The video features well-wishes from celebrities, music lovers and McCartney fans from London, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Miami.

“Memory Almost Full,” reunites McCartney with longtime producer and friend David Kahne and provides a very personal retrospective drawing upon childhood memories from Liverpool, summers long gone, and the times spent writing music with John Lennon.

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