Between The Buried and Me Side Project "Giles" set for release April 19th, 2005

Music News | Feb 20th, 2005

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Thomas Giles Rogers, Jr., frontman for the revolutionary metalcore outfit Between The Buried And Me, decided to channel some of his creative energy into another project while preparing to hit the studio with BTBAM. This project, called ‘Giles’, is an amalgamation of Tommy’s love for electronic music and desire to do something creative and fresh. ‘Giles’ can be described as a combination of electroclash and industrial music written with a metal mindset. Tommy wrote the self-titled ‘Giles’ debut album as he would’ve written songs for Between The Buried And Me, except this time, he wrote and programmed them on a keyboard. ‘Giles’ sounds like a hodgepodge of Fischerspooner meets Diesel Boy meets Mike Patton and was written and produced solely by Thomas Giles Rogers, Jr.; it was recorded and mixed by Jamie King (also known for his work with Between The Buried And Me). Always into electronic music, Tommy wanted to take a chance at writing it and ‘Giles’ is the end result.