Big D and the Kids Table set to release “Fluent In Stroll” on July 9th

Music News | May 18th, 2009

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Big D and the Kids Table are back with Fluent In Stroll, a perfect summer time record from our boys in Boston.

“We call our new record’s style of music ‘Stroll’. It’s a mix of Hop-scotch, Double-Dutch, Soul, Ska, and Reggae” says David McWayne (lead singer). “Everyone in BIG D is in such a great place mentally right now, have it be simply because it’s summer, or because of the great election we recently had, or maybe simply we’re just a bit older and can now see what’s truly important in life. This is sure to be our most enjoyable, most exciting and filled with the most laughs, tour yet. Also to anyone who gets a hold of our new record, you’ll surly find that ‘Fluent In Stroll’ is BIG D back to where we began – Positive”.

Fluent In Stroll is the follow up to Strictly Rude (SideOneDummy 2007). The band will be on the entire Vans Warped Tour this summer and are planning a big tour this fall. Both tours will include their full horn section and The Doped Up Dollies, 3 new unstoppable Doo-wop singers that’ll knock you off your bar stool.

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