Bomb the Music Industry! announce final show

Music News | Nov 21st, 2013

Bomb The Music Industry

If you like the band Bomb the Music Industry!, well you better get your ass to Brooklyn on January 19th since that will be their final show. The show will be at Warsaw, tickets will be $15 (plus you get a free live recording) and go on sale on Friday! Cheap Girls are opening and more bands will be announced soon.

The band had this to say on the Facebook event page:

Yeah, this is our last show. It’s for the best. We gotta do it. One last time. For the kids. And by kids I mean now-30-year-olds who’ve gotten old and fat. And by kids I mean 16-year-olds who have only been going to shows for a few months. And by kids I mean those in their twenties, super confused by that myriad of options being nothing more than a smokescreen for work/pay rent/drink/work. And your siblings with kids. And their kids. And your parents. And my parents.

Let’s all do this shit one last time!!!



The first time I met Ian Graham, he was doing merch for The Rick Johnson Rock And Roll Machine in New Jersey. Well, that’s not entirely true. He was drinking in a van with I Voted For Kodos. I said hello to those guys and, if I remember correctly, Ian just offered me some whiskey not knowing me. We became such good friends with Ian and Rick that Christine, Laura and I went to a few out of state Mustard Plug shows just to hang out with them, and realized that everyone in that band/circle of people is fucking tight.

Ian asked me to put out the first Cheap Girls record on Quote Unquote. I am pretty sure I didn’t return his e-mail. I listened to his previous band The Van Ermans one time at work and through the hiss of laptop speakers in a basement office it didn’t speak to me, maaaaan. A few months later Cheap Girls were playing up the block from me and I couldn’t believe what an idiot I was. It was the back of a divey Mexican restaurant/bar, and the second Cheap Girls started playing random people from the neighborhood wandered in to listen and bang their heads. I’m not talking only about hipster kids (the category we all likely fall into), but workin’ stiffs too – lots of older folks for sure. I’m pretty sure Ian doesn’t remember this, but it was amazing. We love them.



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