British Sea Power Banned!

Music News | May 5th, 2005

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Source:link BRITISH SEA POWER have been banned in America.

The Brighton quintet, who are currently touring the States, have been told that their new single ‘Please Stand Up’ is not suitable for MTV.

However rather than any offending visual content, it’s the use of word “wet” that has apparently worried the American network.

“MTV USA have objected to a line in the video saying it doesn’t meet standards. What standards does the line “wetter and wetter” violate?” a spokesperson for the band told NME.COM. “We would like to be told why this language from one of our richest, most literate groups is being squashed by a committee of McCarthyites.”

Undaunted by American censor, Please Stand Up’ is released in the UK on May 23, while the band play the Scala on May 25 with Ed Harcourt, before hosting club night Adventures In The Beetroot Fields at Electrowerkz in London on May 27.