Brutal Youth to release new album “Sanguine” September 23rd

Music News | By on Sep 2nd, 2016

Brutal Youth

Brutal Youth will be releasing their new album Sanguine in a few weeks (September 23rd to be exact) via Stomp Records. They are streaming their first single, “The King,” which you can listen to below.

Their latest EP, Bottoming Out, was released via Paper + Plastick on seven-inch vinyl on Febraury 24th. The band released their debut album Stay Honest on April 2nd 2013 via My Fingers! My Brain! Records and Get Party! Records. The tracklisting for the new album is as follows:

1. I. Denial
2. Chlorine
3. The King
4. II. Anger
5. Rogue Thoughts
6. Whiteway
7. Hostile Work Environment
8. Sandpit
9. III. Bargaining
10. Sanguine
11. IV. Depression
12. Thick As Thieves
13. Todd Serious
14. V. Acceptance


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