Dan’s Band of the Day: The Twang

Music News | By on Jan 14th, 2007

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Today’s band of the day hails from Birmingham England, and are beginning to get a bit of buzz. I have to give credit to John Sakamoto’s Anti-Hit List for turning me towards these guys. They’re sort of a combination between Brit-pop bands like Blur and Pulp and British rappers like The Streets and Plan B. To me though, they feel like a British version of the Hold Steady; where the Hold Steady used American classic rock as their template, The Twang use the last 15 years of music from the UK. Interesting stuff. I feel like they’ll get huge overseas but not so much in North America. But here’s hoping a band that has talent shines through.

http://www.myspace.com/thetwang Standout tracks: Wide Awake and Either Way.