Datarock set to release “Red” September 1st

Music News | Apr 10th, 2009

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Following an exciting week at SXSW that included sharing a stage with heroes DEVO, Norwegian rockers Datarock announce the North American release of their highly anticipated sophomore album RED on September 1, 2009.

The first single “Give It Up” — a brilliant slice of eighties inspired rock/pop — is available now on iTunes. Datarock has also just unveiled their rollicking new video for “Give It Up,” which draws inspiration from classic duels, such as Michael Jackson “Beat It” and “Bad,” the 1951 film West Side Story and the 1996 re-make of Romeo & Juliet. Check it out here.

“Give It Up” was initially an idea for a music video before it became a song, the lyrics actually paraphrasing some of these famous face offs. “There is a dance off,” explains frontman Fredrik Saroea, “where the Datarock gang battles the bad guys. In the end, everybody joins the Datarock gang. I’m like Mercutio, telling Romeo to shape up, snap out of it, give it up.” He continues, “Thing is, just singing a song about dancing… it’s too simple. Everyone’s gonna dance anyway. So it’s nice to do something insane in the lyrics, like paraphrasing, you know, Romeo & Juliet!”

Saroea will team up with RockYou on Tuesday, April 14 at 3:00PM PT for an up close and personal live chat with Datarock fans, who will be able to directly inquire about anything from the upcoming album to the band’s love for Molly Ringwald via’s chatroom. Saroea’s responses will be streamed live through’s video client. Fans can connect to the chat via RockYou’s Super Wall Application on Facebook (

Track listing for RED:
1. The Blog
2. Give It Up
3. True Stories
4. Dance!
5. Molly
6. Do It Your Way
7. In The Red
8. Fear Of Death
9. Amarillion
10. The Pretender
11. Back In The Seventies
12. Not Me
13. New Days Dawn

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