DeVotchKa “Live with the Colorado Symphony” out November 13th!

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DeVotchka is releasing a new album, Live with the Colorado Symphony on November 13th on Cicero Recordings LTD. DeVotchKa is known for their live show so it makes sense that they’re releasing a live album between studio albums. This isn’t just your normal live album though, because the band is performing with a 60-piece orchestra. Listen to “Along The Way” below.

November 13, 2012 sees the release of DeVotchKa’s new album, DeVotchKa Live with the Colorado Symphony (Cicero Recordings LTD). The band, a melting pot of genres, forms an authentic and wholly original style of rock ‘n’ roll. DeVotchKa have been recording and performing for over a decade. “We have been working towards this moment ever since the band began,” remembers Nick Urata, lead singer and frontman for DeVotchKa. “We’ve always had orchestral leanings, we wrote for more and more players with every album, when the chance to perform with an entire symphony came, we jumped at it. We thought it would be the perfect night for a live recording and hope the listener feels like they are in the room with us.”

A once in a lifetime oppurtunity for a band, some of DeVotchKa’s most iconic songs were revisited, restructured, and performed with a full 60-piece orchestra. Rather than hire a composer to create the charts for each instrument, the band took it upon themselves, with Tom Hagerman spending months locked away in his garage fleshing out each note that the orchestra performed.

The premise of charting DeVotchKa’s songs for a large symphony began shortly after the release of the band’s score for the film “Little Miss Sunshine”. A critical and box office hit, the film was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar and, for DeVotchKa’s soundtrack, a Grammy. The band finally received the attention they deserved around the world, headlining large venues and performing at practically every major music festival, from Coachella to Bonnaroo, Glastonbury to Pukkelpop. The band looks forward to performing with symphonies of all sizes whenever possible.

DeVotchKa Live with the Colorado Symphony gave the band a chance to have every melody, harmony, and counterpoint, recorded in the studio, to be translated to real people, playing the parts together.

The CD is available for pre-order from DeVotchKa’s webstore now. The band will sign and personalize all pre-orders from their webstore, so grab one here:

Tour Dates:

10/26/12 Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater
10/27/12 Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater
11/29/12 Santiago, Chile – Common Pitch Chile
12/01/12 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Personal Fest
12/31/12 Anchorage, Alaska – Bear Tooth Theatre and Pub


1. The Alley
2. The Clockwise Witness
3. Along The Way
4. The Common Good
5. You Love Me
6. All The Sand In All The Sea
7. Firetrucks On The Boardwalk
8. Comrade Z
9. Undone
10. Queen Of The Surface Streets
11. We’re Leaving
12. Contrabanda
13. The Enemy Guns
14. How It Ends


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