Doomsday: The Ultimate Mephiskapheles Tribute, Beat Brigade and Bigger Thomas playing on September 15th in NYC

Music News | By on Aug 10th, 2012

Interesting show news for New York City ska fans! “Doomsday:” The Ultimate Mephiskapheles Tribute band will be playing an already cool ska show in NYC on September 15th at Characters. The band consists of former Mephiskapheles members and even though it’s all former members, it’s not all of them so that’s why they have the silly name. But then again, so was “Mephiskapheles.” Bigger Thomas is headlining I believe so get there early to see the Meph tribute and the rest of the bands. Be sure to spread the word about this one!

The first Electric Avenue show happened last week at Characters, which featured The Snails from Philly and King Django. I didn’t get to make that one but looking forward to seeing this one. Stay tune for more info at and


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