Drowning Pool to testify to the U.S. Congress

Music News | Jun 13th, 2007

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LOS ANGELES, JUNE 12TH, 2007 Drowning Pool, platinum and award-winning hard rock band from Dallas, Texas, have been gathering a prolific buzz about them recently throughout the online community in the political areas of the internet, and from those who are concerned with issues that surround the American troops currently abroad. The band recently completed the USO tour and came back with sincere concerns surrounding the return of the soldiers upon their return home from the middle-east.

“Once home in the United States, we connected with Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans who have returned home,” said Stevie Benton, Bassist and Founding Member of Drowning Pool. “Though back on safe shores, these individuals are facing a steep uphill battle to reclaim their health after facing the trauma of war.”

Recently, the office of the public liaison at The White House received a letter written by Drowning Pool addressing the issues of healthcare and concerns for the troops on their return home, which was placed in the President’s personal reading file. Several interior cabinets of The White House have been opened to the team of Drowning Pool. One of which contacted Congress directly and are now awaiting a Congressional hearing date, where Drowning Pool will testify to the majority and minority parties of the U.S. Congress, addressing the facts of treatment of the American soldiers upon their return home from the Middle East. The band hopes to accomplish a shift of political and national attention toward the problems at hand concerning the well-being of those who fight and give their lives for the United States. Drowning Pool is preparing for their meeting with Congress by asking their fans, friends, and families to sign their online petition regarding the issue (the link is at the bottom of this article).

The White House is not the only government outlet that has given attention to the letter written by the band. Several of the 2008 Presidential candidates have accepted the letter and issue with open arms from Drowning Pool.

“We are seeking an opportunity to testify before Congress on behalf of these troops and veterans who need mental, emotional and medical support services,” said Benton. That goal will be accomplished with the return of Congress from over the weekend as the calendars and agendas in Washington are being marked to welcome Drowning Pool during the course of the next 6 months.

Drowning Pool are currently touring and preparing for the release of their new record, Full Circle, which features the single “Soldiers” that they wrote for the troops after being inspired by them on the USO tour. If you would like to support Drowning Pool’s efforts for the American troops over seas, regardless of your political denomination, please follow the link and sign the petition online.

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