Fat Mike makes a ragtime album for the fetish film Rubber Bordello

Music News | Feb 12th, 2012

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Well this is a bit different. Fat Mike of NOFX has teamed up with some guys in Mad Caddies and Tom Waits’ backing band to do a ragtime jazz album for this fetish film called Rubber Bordello. Based on the music I heard on iTunes, it sounds pretty damn good! Well, if that type of music is your thing. Read more after the jump:

The statement “Fat Mike of NOFX has a ragtime album coming out” is not something you would expect to ever hear. However, Mike’s actually been experimenting with ragtime sounds in his day job ever since the hilarious classic “Buggly Eyes” first appeared on White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean way back in 1992. Now, he’s teamed up with guys from the Mad Caddies and Tom Waits’ backing band to bring you ten authentically classic ragtime tunes that will gently swing you back to the days of yore while you sip your old fashioned, wax your mustache or get decked out in latex and tie your slave to the spanking horse. Wait, what? Oh, that’s right! Mike’s ragtime album is also the soundtrack for Soma Snakeoil’s new fetish film Rubber Bordello. But for those of you out there who like your ragtime unsullied by skintight awesomeness, the album is available (porn free) on iTunes right now. AND for the pro-porn/fetish enthusiasts/die-hard-ragtimers out there, Rubber Bordello premiered in in LA on February 10th. But you don’t have to wait until then to hear the soundtrack. So fill up that opium prescription, heat up your dirigible, or crank up your model T and head over to iTunes to download Fat Mike’s soundtrack to a very sexy yesteryear today.

Watch the trailer here: http://rubberbordello.com/


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