Fat Mike wants you to bother Propagandhi

Music News | May 19th, 2005

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From Fat Wreck newsletter: I was talking to Jord from Propagandhi the other day. Apparently their new album is almost done, but they are having trouble finding a place to mix it. Anyway, I asked him if Propagandhi wanted to go to Japan with NOFX in November. I like playing with those guys and believe it or not, they know how to have a good time on occasion. We haven’t toured together since ’95 in Europe when the Offspring were opening the show, weird. So i reckon it’s time we play some shows again. Thing is, he said he would get back to me about it, and he hasn’t yet. They probably don’t want to do it, but I was thinking if anyone out there in Winnipeg knows the dudes in Propagandhi, could you bug them for me? Tell ’em they should go and it’ll be real fun, and mention that the vegan sushi is on me. Thanx, fatty.