Fenix TX Releasing Their Long-Awaited EP “CRE.EP” on September 30th

Music News | Sep 7th, 2016

Fenix TX

Fenix TX have finally set a release date for their long-awaited EWP, CRE.EP, for September 30th, 2016. The new EP will be released via Cyber Tracks. Limited edition vinyl and t-shirt bundles are now available for pre-order. The five song EP features brand new songs that reveal the band’s new modern sound, while maintaining that pop punk spirit. This will be the band’s first studio release since 2001’s Lechuza. They are lucky to even be releasing new music since they almost lost singer/guitarist Will Salazar!

Not sure this news was released until now but Lead Singer/Guitarist Will Salazar had a near death experience in 2015 when he had a stroke.

Guitarist Chris Lewis said:

When that happened, we were mid-writing music but weren’t ready to put anything out at that point. I got the text message in the middle of the night that Will had a stroke and put an online donation together right away. Will was blown away by the outpouring of well wishes he received. That was a wake up call that nothing in life is guaranteed.

The music on this album spans nearly 13 years of on and off songwriting. One of the tracks was originally recorded in 2004 with original member Damon De La Paz, who recently joined the band on a reunion tour this past March.

Originally formed in 1995 as Riverfenix (the name change was a result of a court-ordered cease and desist), Fenix TX released an EP G.B.O.H. and soon after became the first band to sign with Drive-Thru Records to release their first full-length, 1997’s Riverfenix. Later on with MCA they released two more albums, 1999’s Fenix TX and 2001’s Lechuza, which collectively sold over 600,000 units prior to the band going on hiatus in 2002. In September 2005, Fenix TX announced their reunion releasing a live album, Purple Reign in Blood.


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