Frank Black releases best-of compilation

Music News | Jun 22nd, 2007

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Source:link Black Francis “Threshold Apprehension” from Bluefinger (bonus track on Frank Black 93-03)

BLACK’s work covering the Pixies’ frontman’s nine solo albums recorded during that time period, will be released in the U.S. on June 27 through Cooking Vinyl. The two-disc set will include a bonus CD of live tracks recorded during Black’s Fall 2006 North American tour, as well as a brand new BLACK FRANCIS track, “ Apprehension,” which is taken from his forthcoming Bluefinger album, due for release in September. According to Black, “There is totally a narrative arc to my solo career. “It sounds trite, but in basic language this is what’s happening on these songs: it’s me breaking away from the Pixies and finding myself as a solo artist, finding a band again and forging that together, then losing it and my marriage, and finally getting my obsession with two-track recording out of my system. It’s a total arc.

“As compilations go, it has less in common with The Best of Blondie, The Beatles 1962-66, The Beach Boys’ 20 Golden Greats, and

Rolled Gold than it does the best of The Residents. I felt a little sheepish when my manager suggested a Best Of: I’m not exactly known for my hit records. But then, I didn’t get into this to have hits. I did it to be a maverick, to be underground, to be part of that world as opposed to the Top 40 world. I wanted to be an artist and a musician, not to get invited to parties. It’s about being true to yourself. “But I’ve got a big back catalogue, and so for the uninitiated, Frank Black 93-03 is a good place to start. It just sounds like a regular Frank Black album because all my records are schizophrenic in tenor – fast song, slow song, country song, punky song. Although it’s boring to say, I think it’s very representative of who I am as an artist’, it really is!”

The live tracks on the Frank Black 93-03 bonus discs were recorded October 27, 2006 at Mr. Small’s in Pittsburgh, PA, and at the Distrikt in Regina, SK on November 6, 2006. Along with Black on guitars, featured players include guitarist Duane Jarvis, bassist Eric Drew Feldman, and drummer Billy Block.

But wait, there’s more. Using his early-Pixies-days nom de rock Black Francis, this September will see the release of a brand new album, Bluefinger, which was inspired by Dutch painter Herman Brood. That album’s first single, “Threshold Apprehension,” will be available not only on Frank Black 93-03, but as a digital download, which is available now! More details on Bluefinger to be announced shortly.