Get These Riot Fest / Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards at Riot Fest Chicago!

Music News | Sep 8th, 2016

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Riot Fest is already one of the best music festivals in the country, now they will have their own trading cards! Topps has approved Riot Fest to make their own Garbage Pail Kids and will be selling the extremely limited cards at Riot Fest Chicago. There will be cards of Fat Mike, Milo, Gwar, Andrew WK, Naked Raygun and others. I can’t wait to see what the price will be when someone puts them on eBay!

Riot Fest is excited to announce what they deem to be their best merch yet: the Riot Fest Series One Garbage Pail Kids collection. The eight-card series will feature not only a card dedicated to the festival, but also current and previous Riot Fest performers. A small run of the Garbage Pail Kids will be made available for purchase at the festival on Sept. 16-18 in Douglas Park, Chicago and will include the following cards:

1) NOFX (“Fat Mike”)
2) The Lawrence Arms (“The Lawrence Harmed”)
3) Naked Raygun (“Ray Gun”)
4) Descendents (“Mad Milo”)
5) Riot Fest (“Riot Festus”)
6) Andrew WK (“Awesome Andrew”)
7) Taking Back Sunday (“Taking Back Tidal Wave”)
8) GWAR (“GWAR Noir”)

Riot Fest opens Friday, September 16 in Chicago’s historic Douglas Park and runs till the evening of September 19th. Tickets are available here:


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