Gogol Bordello joins list of bands boycotting Arizona

Music News | Jun 29th, 2010

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Gogol Bordello has joined forces with lots of bands to boycott Arizona because of the SB 1070 law that went into effect. Joining Gogol recently is: Nine Inch Nails, Chris Rock, Maroon 5, My Morning Jacket, Ben Harper, Steve Earle, Billy Bragg, Anti-Flag and others. I’m sure you’ll see this list keep on growing, and I think this will eventually hurt Arizona financially but also fans of these musicians/bands. Guess they will have to travel to nearby states to see these acts. Read Eugene Hutz’s response to this down below:

Attn friends: Gogol Bordello are officially boycotting Arizona in response to SB 1070. Read Eugene’s statement then join the fight by signing the petition at the sound strike.

Immigration naturally enriches culture and human resource of any country. Just like new genes bring gusto into any genetic pool. It is a complicated sensitive subject to consider with care and love, since it involves changes of entire destinies all at once. If a country’s founding values include welcome to newcomers, there must be a commitment to pursue this ethic. If newcomer is officially welcomed, he shall be able to keep feeling welcomed once he is there, right? Not intimidated, threatened and humiliated. As a band of immigrants we have received both honors and welcomes that re-insure the positive aspects of immigration. And we’ve been grateful about it to NY ever since. Especially when seeing other countries not doing their best. With my own experience I must say U.S. actually stands out as a better one amongst others. However we can not look the other way when double standard and face control is taken place. Please learn about the situation and take action to preserve progressive thought.
[Gogol Bordello]


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