Gwar B-Q will feature an Oderus-less Gwar, beer and barbecue sauce!

Music News | Jul 9th, 2014

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Dave Brockie, a.k.a Oderus, is sadly no longer on this planet tormenting all of us but the band Gwar continues on and will be headlining their own festival, Gwar B-Q. Oderus will be getting a proper memorial send-off, being set ablaze on a viking pyre. There will be Gwar beer and BBQ (besides Oderus) and some cool bands (Body Count, Hatebreed) playing the Virginia festival. Check out more details below.

The lineup for Gwar B-Q is:

Gwar (Beefcake singing?)
Body Count
The Meatmen
Fuckface Unstoppable

GWAR B-Q is all About the Beer, the Meat and the Music!!!

Human Scum! Your malevolent lords and masters GWAR command you to attend the 5th Annual GWAR B-Q – August 16th at Hadad’s Lake (7900 Osborne Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23231) where we will personally stuff your ugly faces with fistfuls of beer, food and fun until you PUKE!! Along with our sponsors Mt. Baker Vapor, Brown Distributing, Cigar City Brewing, Genessee Cream Ale and Monster Energy Drink, we personally ensure all humans in attendance will have the time of their pathetic lives at what is shaping up to be the bloodiest bash of the summer.

GWAR Beer is legendary for being the GWARiest of alcoholic beverages (sorry, Irish GWAR bombs…). Cigar City Brewing has again teamed up with your Scumdog rulers to create a new, and limited edition GWAR BEER: a premium craft brewed “KILLSNER” (pilsner). Readily available at any and all GBQ festivities, this 5.55% high-octane beer will provide cool refreshment while scrambling your tiny brains. Enough of this stuff, and even you will seem appealing to the herd of tipsy sex cows milling about just waiting to molest you the instant you pass out in a pile of your own effervescent spew.

Who knew GWAR’S own BALSAC the JAWS O’ DEATH was a culinary genius? His specially formulated GWAR B-Q Sauce has become harder to locate than Gor-Gor’s leash, but plenty will be on hand at the GBQ! Spray it on your meat of choice – be it flank, rib, chicken or your own puffy forearm. BalSac recommends his own creation: the GWAR B-Q Meat Sandwich, a painfully scrumptious smoked pork butt that will leave you gagging for more! BalSac’s culinary expertise and delectable menu will be fully realized upon the completion of the GWARbar, fulfilling a longtime dream of Slave Pit Inc. and founder, Dave Brockie. Throw it a “Like” on Facebook at to stay up-to-date on the grand opening.

Speaking of Brockie, GWAR B-Q attendees will have a chance to pay respects to GWAR’s founder and frontman at the memorial service taking place from 4:00pm to 7:00pm on Friday, August 15th at Hadad’s Lake. Price of admission? Just a bucket of your tears! Pay tribute to Brockie in the manner of a viking warrior returning to Valhalla, as his alter ego Oderus Urungus is set ablaze upon the SS Boat. Be there when we send the Immortal Corruptor on his journey back home to Scumdogia and beyond.


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