Help fund Tazy Phyllipz of Ska Parade’s book

Music News | Oct 18th, 2012

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Tazy Phyllipz of the popular Ska Parade radio show is trying to secure funding to release a book. The Ska Parade book will feature personal stories from over the years of hosting the radio show and helping out emerging ska artists. This seems like something that SHOULD be made and I hope it is, because I’d love to read music stories and behind the scenes stuff. There’s only 9 days left so get a move on!

“A book could be written on Tazy Phyllipz’s involvement in both the Orange County music and ska scenes, but we don’t have the space for that.”

Little did the OC Weekly know that, when they wrote that in February 2011, the Skafather was already ahead of them. So here it is, the new book from Tazy Phyllipz.

The Rock N Roll, Ska Adventures of Tazy Phyllipz

From the beginnings of No Doubt to the breaking of Sublime and Maroon5, to the behind the scenes at being at the World Famous KROQ, to the life-changing decision of Travis Barker to the creation of Ska Parade, Tazy shares it all, and shares it all with you!

The book is a non-stop collection of historic, personal, hilarious, and serious stories. Ska is back, and the Skafather is ready to tell you why! Get an inside look at how he contributed and how he has been involved since his intro to the scene in 1989.

Be sure to donate and help get this book made! Visit IndieGoGo!


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