Help Out Music Photographer Nick Karp Get New Camera Equipment

Music News | Oct 2nd, 2015

music photographer Nick Karp

Life as a music photographer is rough these days. Publications & websites rarely pay you, and all everybody wants to do is give you credit. It’s even worse when you shoot a gig and you get robbed of that equipment afterwards! Following a Frank Turner gig in NYC, music photographer and my friend Nick Karp (formerly of Rewrite The Scene) got robbed on the subway of all his camera gear.

It’s something I worry about a lot too and every photographer should have some type of insurance just for this very reason. In any event, Nick set up GoFundMe page to try to get some some new camera gear. Nick will be sending out various sized prints if you donate certain amounts. Or if you just want to help out a nice guy and great photographer, just do it in the kindness of your heart or something..I mean, look at that sad face…All kidding aside, help out my buddy with whatever you can or just share this post or the GoFundMe page!

Capturing those intimate moments on stage is my livelihood, and my passion. I’ve photographed bands ranging from The Who, to Snoop Dogg to Fucked Up to Mumford and Sons to Slayer. My work has been published in Rolling Stone, Vice, Alternative Press, Entertainment Weekly and many more.


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