Heros & Zeros on Tour

Music News | Jan 17th, 2005

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Amsterdam’s ‘Heros & Zeros’ started out back in 1998 as a fun side-project. Back then the band was a 4-piece and played a hardcore-influenced style of Oi!. 3 years later the band decided to add a trumpetplayer to the line-up and shortly after recorded a demo at Bunt’s Studio. This demo attracted the attention of German label Mad Butcher Records and they released 8 tracks on a 7″ single. The mix of raw Oi!-punk with the melody of a trumpet proved to be an original mix. The addition of a second guitarist later that year made the line-up complete. Now as a 6-piece the band went on the road with Italian punklegends ‘Klasse Kriminale’ and ‘Los Fastidios’. In the same year new songs were written and in march 2003 the band hit the Out-o-Space studio in Germany and recorded songs for their debut album ‘Wake-Up Call’. Olav (of ‘Stage Bottles’ and ‘Blaggers’) joined in and played saxophone on a few songs. Straight after the recording our heroes joined forces with Paris’ finest streetpunk band ‘Brigada Flores Magon’ and went on a small tour. The debut album ‘Wake-up Call’ got released in september 2003 and the band went on a European tour with ‘Berenice Beach’ from Milan. In a short period ‘Heros & Zeros’ already played shows in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia/Montenegro, Slovenia and Italy. Gigs included the ‘Eat the Rich’ festival in Munich and the 4th ‘Rude Boys Unity’ festival in Geneva.

Musically the band’s influences include old U.K. bands like ‘4Skins’, ‘Blitz’ and ‘Cockney Rejects’. More recent American bands like ‘The Templars’, ‘Wretched Ones’ and ‘Anti-Heros’ also put a stamp on their sound. Because ‘Heros & Zeros’ include a trumpet in their line-up, they avoid sounding like just another bland copy. Playing raw, melodic streetpunk the band stays true to the honest spirit of Oi!.

No compromises are made in their lyrics which range from daily life and politics to bicycles and football. A strong antifascist and anticapitalist stance is taken by the band, whose members have an international background. All of this together should bring you a powerful taste of what punk from the streets of Amsterdam sounds like!

Mo. 24.01. Schw.Gmünd – Esperanza
Di. 25.01. Nünchritz – Kombi
Do. 27.01. Ivanic Grad – Geno
Fr. 28.01. Novi Sad
Sa. 29.01. Ljublijana – Massarykova
So. 30.01. Szentes – Matyas Sorozo
Di. 01.02. Chemnitz – Subway To Peter
Mi. 02.02. Frankfurt – Dreikönigskeller
Do. 03.02. Göttingen – JuZI
Fr. 04.02. Berlin – Wild At Heart
Sa. 05.02. Flensburg – Kühlhaus