It’s Alive Records reissuing Plow United’s 1995 debut album on July 10th

Music News | Apr 21st, 2014

Plow United

It’s Alive Records is going to reissue Plow United‘s classic 1995 debut album Plow United album alongside a new four song 7″ Delco on July 10th. Plow United will be playing Asbury Lanes on July 18th with Smalltalk (feat. Pete Steinkopf), Ma Jolie and Great Apes.

The time was nineteen-ninety-something. The place was Delaware or Pennsylvania or wherever you want it to have been. Three high school band nerds discovered Maximum Rock and Roll, Lookout! Records and DIY ethics. Away they went, making it up as they went along and in the process creating a style of punk rock that was disciplined yet erratic, melodic yet ferocious, and deceptively simple. Two decades and four studio albums later, Plow United is louder, faster and catchier than ever. Watch them for the changes and try to keep up.

During their first five shambolic years as a band, Plow United recorded three full-lengths for Creep Records, each of which quickly went out of print. The last of the bunch, Narcolepsy, was released on vinyl for the first time in 2012 by Square of Opposition Records. The difficult middle child Goodnight Sellout was reissued in 2013 by Dead Broke Rekerds. Now it’s 2014 and the band is excited to announce that the seventeen minute blast of teenage insanity that is their self-titled debut album will be reissued on July 10 by their new friends at It’s Alive Records. Rather than simply reproduce the original album’s bizarre hand drawn cover art, the band turned to photographer/videographer Isaac Turner to redesign and restage it as a photograph, creating what is easily one of the weirdest album covers in the history of punk music. Powerfully remastered by Stephen Egerton (All/Descendents/FLAG), Plow United is back, and it sounds just like before, only louder and clearer. The trilogy is complete.

Plow United has always been all about place. From their high school ramblings about Wilmington, DE to their odes to their (briefly) adopted home of West Chester, PA, Brian, Joel and Sean have always looked to their urban and suburban surroundings for inspiration. This intense localism spawned some of their best loved songs, from “West Chester Rock City” to “85 East Cleveland.” In the summer of 2013, heads still spinning from the release of their “comeback” album Marching Band, Plow United stepped into the studio again with Arik Victor, Creep Records founder and sonic author of their early recordings. The result is Delco, four defiantly catchy songs that return Plow United firmly to their sweat-soaked, live-tracked, one-take roots. The name refers to Delaware County, the infamously troubled collection of Philadelphia suburbs where Brian and Joel spent their teenage years, and the songs celebrate everything from the band’s resurrection (“That Was Awesome”) to not sucking at being a parent (“All For You”) to teenage death worship (“Live Like a Viking, Die Like a Viking”). Closing out with an out-of-nowhere cover of “Don’t Stop (Loving Me Now)” by Asheville, NC’s Floating Action that smokes and staggers until it practically melts the wax, Delco is the beginning of another chapter by a band that is both old and ageless.

Tour Dates:

July 18 at Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ with Smalltalk (feat. Pete Steinkopf), Ma Jolie and Great Apes

July 19 at Boot and Saddle, Philadelphia, PA with The Scandals and Chumped


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